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When people are killed in serious accidents, their families are put at the mercy of huge insurers, company doctors, lawyers, and investigators. That is when our firm steps in: No firm has recovered more for than Fuller Hudson in the last decade. Our Houston wrongful death law has continually set records across the nation, making history with our verdicts and settlements. When you have lost someone that you love, choose the firm that you can trust to get the results that you deserve.

After your spouse, parent, or child dies in a preventable accident, your entire economic and emotional future may change. Whether your loved one died at the hands of a careless driver or as the result of a tragic workplace incident, you deserve the opportunity to grieve without worrying about your financial future, The Law Office of Fuller and Hudson is here to help you fight back against the party responsible for your loved one's death. Call us to find out if you have a Wrongful Death claim.


When someone dies because of another's careless, neglectful, or intentional act, the family has the right to pursue a civil action against the individual or company responsible. Wrongful death claims allow survivors to obtain justice and the compensation needed to:

  • Cover financial loss, including lost income and support
  • Cover the loss of benefits and inheritance
  • Cover emotional loss, including the loss of love, protection, and companionship
  • Punish The person or entity responsible for causing harm

At The Law Office of Fuller and Hudson, we understand the grief and anguish that may arise from a preventable death, if your loved one died in an accident that would not have occurred if someone had acted reasonably and responsibly, give us a call. No one should have to endure a premature death because of someone's negligence. Call Fuller and Hudson and we will provide you with information that you need in making a decision to file a wrongful death claim.

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Explosions may not seem like a common occurrence, there are many disastrous types to stay mindful of. Gas explosion, manhole explosions, machinery explosions and propane tank leaks are all real problems. Insurance companies can make the claims process difficult and confusing to understand to protect their own interest.

Here at the Law Office of Fuller and Hudson make sure that the insurance companies do not take advantage of our clients at their most vulnerable times — after a crisis. Let us help you handle your insurance claim as well as negotiating the damage caused by the explosion on your behalf.

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